Oct 02

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The constipation implies a bowel movement that is infrequent or is hard to pass. It is basically a common cause of defecation which is rather painful and troublesome. Severe cases of constipation can turn into obstipation and fecal impaction which can later take the shape of bowel obstruction which is fatal to health. Almost everyone across the world gets constipated some times in his/her life. Research has suggested that constipation has almost affected 10% people across the globe. As compared to men, women are more prone to constipation. It also affects people in old age more highly than others. Usually a normal bowel movement should be two times a days as doctors say but it depends from person to person. Going more than three days without passing a stool can be matter of concern. Even more help and knowledge is available on Saver Gen.

The common symptoms of constipation include strain during the bowel movements, hard stools which can be frustrating and troublesome to pass. Other symptoms include fewer or just two bowel movements in a week. Constipation is an infection of digestive system. In most cases constipation takes place because the colon absorbs more water than required, it is because the slower the food passes through tour tracts the more water is absorbed by the colon which results in constipation.


There are many reasons for constipation. The most common and most frequently observed are the lack of water and inadequacy of fiber in sufferer’s diet. Research has suggested that people who intake good deal of fiber are less likely to be prone to constipation as compared to people who take low fiber foods. There are two main types of fiber which help a lot in prevention of constipation i.e. soluble and insoluble fibers. Both of them help to keep the digestive system healthy and normal thus people should avoid fast food items and takes vegetables and whole grains in rich amount.

Doctors also argue that physical passivity also results in constipation. It is because physical passivity keeps the metabolism rate high and therefore the risk of constipation is higher. Some drugs and medicine also cause constipation. The most common examples are Narcotics, Anti-depressants, Calcium channel blocking medicines or medicines that are rich in aluminum. Pregnant women are also highly prone to constipation because of the hormonal changes in body. Old age people are also in the list to be a victim of constipation because of their sedentary life style. According to research, it has been contended that Neurological disorders can also result in constipation. The most dangerous of all the diseases that occur due to constipation is piles. They can only be treated by operation if turn worse.

Since it is important to eliminate the trash out of your body, it is very significant to have a normal stool. Constipation can be treated easily at home by eating foods that are rich in fiber and by drinking a lot of water. Laxatives can also treat constipation successfully but they should be used with utmost care in difficult cases only. You can find a good deal about constipation and its preventions on Saver Gen.

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May 29

Detrimental Dairy

When an individual makes the decision to follow the Paleo diet, perhaps one of the biggest adjustments is the requirement that dairy be avoided. Dairy is something that we, as humans, are programmed to not only enjoy but also to include in our diets on a daily basis. In fact, the consumption of dairy becomes somewhat routine for many people, starting in early childhood.

With this kind of reliance on dairy being so prevalent in many people’s lives, it can be a big challenge to overcome the desire to have dairy. Additionally, we’re not only taught that dairy tastes great, but that it’s healthy, especially because of its high calcium content. One of the biggest questions posed by new Paleo diet followers is how to get the adequate amount of calcium without the inclusion of dairy. While dairy does have valuable amounts of calcium, in actuality, it can cause numerous health issues and concerns.

Dairy is excluded from the Paleo diet plan because our ancient ancestors didn’t have access to cow’s milk or other forms of dairy. This was not introduced into the human diet until after the advent of agriculture. The basis of the Paleo diet rests on the idea that a human is not genetically adapted to consume dairy after infanthood.

For many people, the health problems associated with dairy are the result of an actual intolerance. There are numerous people with dairy intolerances that haven’t been diagnosed, and these individuals may suffer from extensive health issues, without even realizing dairy is the culprit. Pasteurized dairy can be especially problematic, because during the pasteurization process the milk is stripped of nutrients and enzymes that are vital to allow for proper digestion. Casein is an enzyme that is found in pasteurized diary and it’s one of the primary culprits of many allergies in humans.

Dairy is also known to lead to inflammation of the gut, which has a negative impact on the digestion process. In addition to creating digestion difficulties, dairy can provoke spikes in insulin levels, leading to weight gain and problems such as diabetes and it also has an acidic effect on the bones. This means that even though you may think you’re strengthening your bones by drinking lots of milk, you’re actually stripping them of vital nutrients.

Despite the potential pitfalls of including dairy in one’s diet, it is true that it is a valuable source of calcium, but this calcium can be found in other ways. Leafy green vegetables are one of the most naturally calcium-rich foods that can be consumed, and they’re also Paleo-friendly. Additionally, including ample Vitamin D in a Paleo diet will allow for more calcium to be absorbed. The Paleo diet can be a great way to maintain strong, healthy bones, without risking the potentially unhealthy effects of drinking milk and consuming other dairy products.

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May 13



  • Benches, Scott Benches, Power Racks, Hack Machines, Standing Calf, Cable Crossovers, Squat Racks, Lat Pull Machines, Leg Press, Leg Extension, and many more pieces and accessories.
  • Heavy guage tubular steel used in fabrication of all equipment.
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Coach of the American Bodybuilding Team

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Pittsburgh’s only fully equipped bodybuilding gym. Featuring a full line of Nautilus, Gold’s Gym equipment, Olympic sets and dumbbells. Train with the pros under the personal supervision of Jim Manion. Open seven days a week. Plenty of parking.


140 East Mall Plaza. Carnegie. PA 15106. Phone 412-276-7771

9) Dumbbell Rowing. Take a dumb­
bell in each hand. Bend forward from
the waist, back straight, letting the
weights hang down at arm’s length.
Keeping your body steady, raise the
weights simultaneously up beside the
chest, then lower them slowly to the
starting position.

10)      Front Dumbbell Raises. Take a dumbbell in each hand. Stand up­right, letting the weights hang at your sides, back of the hands forward. Al­ternate arms. Lift one weight straight forward and up in a wide arc, keeping your arm straight and palm turned to­ward the floor, until the dumbbell is slightly higher than your head. Lower it again slowly, and repeat with the other hand.

11)      Rear Leg Raises. Get down on your hands and knees. Bring one knee forward to your chest, then extend it back and up as high as it will go. Do 25 reps, then repeat with the other leg.

12)      Leg Raises. Lie feet-down on an abdominal board, holding onto the straps or part of the board above your head for support. Slowly raise your legs as high as possible, bending your knees as much as necessary to make the movement comfortable. The straighter you keep your legs, the har­der the movement; the more you bend your knees, the easier. Lower your legs again, bringing them down until they almost (but not quite) touch the board. (Do at least 25 reps.)

13)  Squats. Hold a barbell across the back of your shoulders. Keeping your head up and back straight, bend your knees and lower your body until your thighs are about parallel with the floor. Keep your heels on the floor if you can to help your balance. Push back up to a standing position. □


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“When I saw Rachel in London,” he said, “I was very impressed by her fa­cial beauty. Her body was also very attractive by the usual standards, but in bodybuilding terms she had certain faults. I thought she posed too much like a dancer, and I thought she needed work on her legs. I over­looked the fact that in London she was carrying too much weight.”

He realized Rachel’s impact on his wife was something else, however. Once they’d returned to Finland, he made a point of never mentioning Rachel in Kike’s presence. All the magazines that carried pictures of Rachel, he hid.

“I know my wife,” Kimmo says. “I made her forget about Rachel and concentrate on her own body. I put her in competition with herself.”

Which is to say, Kimmo worked out

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Apr 06

Printer ink cartridges and refilled Cartridges: Consumers facing a loss

Printers are now being by every common man now days. Some people have their own printer but some don’t have their own as well. Usually, it costs less to take print out when you are using your own personal printers. Otherwise, the printing press usually costs much more than the normal. The operating cost is normally of the ink that the printer uses while printing. That ink costs from a low range of price to a high range of prices. Ink cartridges are normally not replaced as a whole because that costs higher than normal ink refilling from any other shop. But the consumers are facing problems regarding the ink cartridges and refilled cartridges.


It’s an ever fast growing business in the modern world. Shopkeepers run out of the stock very quickly as well. But the consumers are not happy. One of the reasons of this problem is that the amount of the ink in the cartridges has shrunk to a good extent. And they contain a very small amount of ink present in them. And even when the consumer goes to refill the cartridge, the amount of ink refilled is also very small because of the reduced cartridge size. For example, Epson T032 cartridge was as the same size as it is now but at that time, the amount of ink storage capacity was 16ml and now it has reduces to 3.5ml only. The standard HP cartridge had 42 ml of ink, a decade ago, but only has 5 ml of ink for the same price.

The second reason of the consumer’s complaint about refilling cartridges is that the size of the sponges in the cartridges has reduced to a great extent. The most of the space in the cartridge is empty now a day. This is also being done to discourage the growing business of refilling by the big companies which is not illegal at all.

Another reason for the consumer complaint about the discussed problem is regarding the tri color cartridge i.e., cyan, magenta and yellow. Each of the these colors are filled with equal amount and if one of the colors run out of stock in the cartridge then the whole cartridge stops working. The solution to this problem is to but a separate cartridge for each color but people avoid this solution to save money and in the long run, they actually bear the loss.

The print heads efficiency has also decreased with the passage of time. Print heads printed more pages ten years ago as they print at present days. The reason of this is also the companies which manufacture printers.

The refilling technique is although very beneficial for the consumer but large companies have to bear a good amount of loss because of this business because people don’t buy cartridges.

So, the printer’s cartridges and refilling of the cartridges has been a problem for the people because of the size reduction of the ink cartridges.


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Apr 05

How to refill Cartridge Properly

Refilling is not as easy as some people think because they are some problems related to the refilling of the cartridge. Also there solutions are available as well but you need to follow a proper guideline to refill a cartridge with care and correct method. The following are the guideline for the proper refilling of the cannon cartridge refilling.


  • Make sure about one thing that the cartridge is totally empty. Is there is already some ink present in the cartridge and if the ink is of any other company or even color then these two different inks might mix with each other and produce some unwanted results.
  • Look inside the cartridge with the help of a light source to observe whether it is completely empty or not.
  • Also follow the instructions of the manual given with printer. This will help you to make it more smooth and comfortable.
  • Place both the ink refill and the cartridge both on the newspaper so that even if it leaks then the carpet or the clothing does not get dirty.
  • Buy an ink refill kit as well from the shop where you are purchasing the ink for refilling or from any other shop.
  • Now if are replacing three different cartridges of three different colors then put a needle on a specific color( say yellow) and then fill the particular color (i.e., yellow) in the same cartridge.
  • Now find the hole in the cartridge and that might be spotted on the sponge area of the cartridge.
  • Firstly place two or three drops on the sponge to fill out it. After this, the ink will go in the empty space with much more smoothness.
  • One more step that is important in taking the cover off the ink container is that make a small hole in the seal of the container so that the ink can makes its way out more smoothly and splashing can be avoided.
  • Now after you have put all the ink in the cartridge, then install the cartridge into the printer and check out the maintenance of the printer. If the printer does not work properly then take out the cartridge and clean it properly and then reinstall the cartridge in the printer with care and smoothness.
  • Now allow the printer to go through its cleaning cycle for some time and after that take a print to check out whether it is working properly or not.
  • Leave the printer for 8 hours if you can because that will make the sponge to soak all the ink present in it and no clogging or splashing will occur on the paper during printing.

So the list has been given to you to follow so that no problem occurs for you during the installation of the cartridge and the ink refilling. Remember one thing that you should be confident enough to do all this because if your hand shakes then all the process can mess up and will result in spots of ink on your and paper.


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